Power-to-X and Future Fuels
Utilising electricity from renewables

Power-to-X allowing the final push to 100% renewable energy

The world is moving towards power systems based on 100% renewable energy sources. The intermittent nature of renewables will need flexible solutions to balance them in the future as well. Decarbonisation and mitigating climate change are frequently discussed topics globally - how can we decrease carbon dioxide (CO2) levels while providing enough electricity? Technologies for replacing fossils exist already today and Power-to-X is one of the key components to reach the final 100% while mitigating climate change, allowing a carbon neutral society.

Power to X Utilising electricity from renewables

Creating fuel out of thin air

Power-to-X is a process which allows the creation of carbon neutral and renewable synthetic fuels by capturing CO2 from the air. In the future, fossil fuels will be replaced by these renewable synthetic fuels as they lower the impact on the climate. Power-to-X can decarbonise industries, transportation and the energy sector while utilising existing infrastructure.

Mitigating climate change by recycling captured CO2

Today, the extraction of fossil fuels used in various applications is accompanied by continuous increase in release of CO2 into the atmosphere as seen in the picture. In the future, existing CO2 in the air is used as a raw material for synthetic fuel production and other processes – in other words, not emitting any new CO2. Circular carbon economy ensures CO2 balance by recycling CO2 emissions and utilisation non-fossil alternatives with a support of e.g. forests acting as carbon sinks.

Power-to-X Carbon neutral future

Future fuels utilising hydrogen

Hydrogen will play a major role in developing future fuels and provides a variety of possibilities. Pure hydrogen can be used as a fuel in the future to help mitigate climate change, however, it would require investment in new infrastructure. In addition, hydrogen can also be used  as a blend with natural gas or act as a base for producing other renewable synthetic fuels, such as methane or methanol, while utilising existing infrastructure.

Wärtsilä is researching various future fuels in order to provide customers with future-proof solutions to support the transition towards a 100% renewable energy future and helping decarbonise the planet. Wärtsilä engines are already capable of combusting 100% synthetic carbon-neutral methane and methanol. Tests with blends of up to 60% hydrogen and 40% natural gas have also already been made with Wärtsilä engines and the development continues towards the use of a higher share of hydrogen.

The Power-to-x opportunity: markets, technologies and costs webinar

As more and more countries are drafting their paths to carbon neutral societies, measures need to be taken to find alternatives to fossil fuels in the transportation, industry and power sector. Power-to-X processes can produce all the conventional fuels in a carbon neutral manner and as such have market potential across these sectors.

But what is the market potential and economic viability of Power-to-X solutions? And which countries are currently promoting its development? Listen to the recording of the webinar to learn more.


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