Our Vision
Our Vision
Towards a 100% renewable energy future

Towards a 100% renewable energy future

The energy landscape is in transition towards more flexible and sustainable energy systems. We envision a 100% renewable energy future.

Wärtsilä is leading the transition – we understand, design, build and serve optimal power systems for future generations.

Today we are far away from a 100% renewable energy future. However, renewables are starting to become the new baseload, pushing inflexible power generation out of the system.

Engines and storage will provide the needed flexibility to balance renewables and secure reliability.


Energy Transition talks

The energy transition is real. So, we decided to let the proof points speak for themselves.

In Wärtsilä’s new Energy Transition Talks series, Sushil Purohit, President of Wärtsilä Energy, travels around the world virtually, visiting energy transition trailblazers from his living room.

These industry pioneers are Wärtsilä’s customers and partners. They take you on a journey where you learn how power systems are already moving towards 100% renewable energy future; what the key energy transition milestones are and how new opportunities are turned into feasible projects.

In the first Energy Transition Talks episode, we meet Matt Allen, CEO of UK-based battery storage and EV infrastructure developer, Pivot Power. 

With his team, Matt is spearheading the development of an underexplored topic; how electric vehicles (EV) can be integrated into the grid. This is where the joint energy storage projects of Pivot Power and Wärtsilä come in; they bring the needed flexibility for the EV infrastructure.

Creating your optimal path towards a 100% renewable energy system

The journey towards a 100% renewable energy future is different for every continent, every country and every city – each has their own individual path.

Wärtsilä can help create your optimal path towards a 100% renewable energy future.

As a power system balancer Wärtsilä understands the role of different technologies as part of our customer’s power systems, and puts the assets of the customer together through software, full EPC offerings and global services capabilities.

Check out our video to see what energy system balancing and optimization can mean in practice.

Learn more about optimising power systems and read our white papers here.

ES - Understand


We understand the evolving energy market and recognise value-based opportunities for our customers in the utility and industrial market

Our capabilities in market development and project development enable the optimal path towards a 100% renewable energy systems for our customers.

ES - Design and build

Design & Build

We offer EPC capability for all our solutions. Our engine power plants act as a stepping stone for the transition today and provide flexibility in all phases of the path.

As renewables are becoming the new baseload, LNG solutions will act as fuel storage infrastructure for the new energy world. Energy storage and balancing will cover second and daily level variation.

ES - Serve


We provide a comprehensive understanding of energy systems, including fully integrated assets and advanced software complete with value adding lifecycle services for our customers

We optimise the performance of our customers’ installations through upgrades, modernisations, fuel conversions and safety solutions.

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