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Wärtsilä Entertainment Systems 

Wärtsilä is an audio visual systems integrator and is one of the world´s leading suppliers for entertainment solutions. We provide design, engineering, integration and consulting services to markets as diverse as cruise ships, theme parks, museums and specialty attractions. Wärtsilä combines vast experience from various markets and global projects, striving to convert the most innovative technologies into tailor made solutions for our valued clients.
We are specialized in audio, video, lighting and show control design and integration for theme parks, attractions, museums and cruise ship industries.”

Wärtsilä has a long history of providing clients with excellence in design and technical innovation for entertainment systems. By providing complete organizational support, we assist our clients in handling larger, more ambitious and imaginative projects.

We are one of the largest audio visual integrators and deliver real world solutions."

Solid partner for cruise business

The majority of our work has been in the Cruise Industry where we provide LES services. LES is a Cruise Industry acronym for Local Entertainment Systems – and on a cruise ship that equates to every Audio, Video and Theatrical Lighting entertainment element that is outside of the guest cabin. Theaters, bars, atriums, restaurants, pool decks, etc. We have been providing this service to every major cruise line worldwide for more than 40 years.
Architectural Lighting

Dynamic Lighting System


Our Services

Wärtsilä offers a comprehensive scope of services in four key areas.

    Design & System Integration
    In some situations, an owner, developer or architect may involve Wärtsilä in a project to supply fee-based consulting services. This may be at any phase of a project’s development and can serve a variety of purposes. Our consulting services can include creative development, range of magnitude (ROM) cost estimating, peer review and upgrade or expansion options to name a few.

    Wärtsilä offers fee-based design services. Our design engineers have extensive experience in a wide range of entertainment systems and environments. They understand how to integrate technical systems into standardized architectural plans will work in close collaboration with clients, architects and designers to insure that these systems conform to and compliment the design aesthetic.
    Integrated entertainment systems
    Our best value-for-money offering is as an integrated entertainment systems design and integration company. Our scope of services starts with conceptual design and carries through to system training and handover. As an integrated systems provider, we bring the full strength of our global resources and flexibility to the project.

    Commercial integrator
    Wärtsilä is always in pursuit of commercial audio video systems integration tender opportunities. Working with concepts and designs provided by others, we offer competitive pricing backed by seasoned professional project managers, system fabricators, installation and commissioning teams.
    Engineering & Coordination
    A technical specification is an invaluable tool for the successful development of a project. Depending on the scope of the project, the specification may consist of a single document or a comprehensive set of associated documents. Wärtsilä has extensive experience drafting specification documents for many different types of projects.

    Research & development
    Wärtsilä's business is rooted in technology. Our engineers and designers are always searching for new technologies, products and processes that can be applied to the systems we work with and the markets we operate in. Wärtsilä invests heavily in continued education for its employees and encourages participation in industry conferences, seminars and trade shows in order to gain new knowledge.

    Wärtsilä's engineering group provides the documentation and detailed engineering that is necessary for the installation to begin. A comprehensive and detailed design package means no miscommunication during field installation.  We maintain one of the largest design and engineering departments in the industry.
    Project management
    Wärtsilä’s highly trained project management teams have years of experience working on many varied projects in multiple industries. The project management team size is determined by the scope of services and the specific requirements of the project (budget, schedule, location, complexity, etc.) and may include a project director, project manager, site manager, project coordinator and/or a yard coordinator.

    Procurement & logistics
    Wärtsilä's procurement department oversees all project purchases as outlined in the scope of supply and is fully supported by Wärtsilä Corporate Procurement Practices. By maintaining purchasing offices in both Europe and the US, we can analyze multiple factors such as equipment cost, availability, shipping costs and transit time to determine the best option for sourcing each piece of equipment for the project.
    Production & Training
    With dedicated fabrication facilities in the US and Europe and by leveraging existing Wärtsilä facilities in locations around the world, we are able to custom build panels, components and equipment racks to fit client-specific applications. We can pre-fabricate, pre-wire and thoroughly test assemblies prior to shipping, establishing quality control processes from the start. 

    Wärtsilä’s installation technicians are experienced and accredited industry professionals with the skills to work with other trades on any project site. This is especially important in the global market, where language and accepted trade practices / construction methods may prove difficult.

    Wärtsilä's engineers and programmers can design programming specifically tailored to the particular application and intended user. For large or small projects, the integration and programming of IT based audiovisual control technologies is of critical importance to the proper operation and functionality of the overall system.
    During this phase, Wärtsilä’s commissioning team will ensure that all equipment is performing properly as an entire system using Site Acceptance Procedures as specified by the client.  We troubleshoot as necessary and take corrective actions as appropriate to bring equipment to the specified operational standards.

    Wärtsilä personnel are available to provide hands on training to your staff. We can provide system operation and maintenance training, to the client and/or the client’s designated representatives, staff, etc. We typically prepare appropriate training materials and then provide copies to all trainees a few weeks prior to training. This organized and hands-on approach to training results in better retention of the material.
    Service & Support
    Maintenance & service
    Whenever technical solutions are installed, there is eventually a potential need for maintenance and/or upgrades of equipment and software. Wärtsilä stands behind the products it installs and our highly trained technicians are ready to provide prompt, professional, maintenance and repair services worldwide.

    After sales support
    Direct equipment sales are a large part of Wärtsilä’s everyday business. Our extensive line card offers clients the benefits of a tremendous selection of equipment and parts at competitive prices.
    Our flexibility in custom tailoring the right mixture of resources for each job according to its individual needs and objectives has fueled our success and our customers´ confidence."

    Systems Expertise

    Wärtsilä’s engineers, technicians and managers hold numerous academic degrees in a variety of engineering and technology fields as well as many certifications from vendors and industry trade organizations. Our broad-based experience and expertise with many different systems and technologies is one of our greatest assets, they include:

    • Audio
    • Video
    • Lighting – Entertainment
    • Lighting – Architectural
    • Control
    • Interactive entertainment
    • Broadcast
    • Digital signage
    • LED display
    • Network & IP
    • Public address
    • CCTV
    • Communications
    • Satellite
    • Security
    • Fire detection


    Pushing boundaries

    Keeping entertainment systems afloat on cruises has been W?rtsil? Funa’s area of expertise. But its capabilities...
    27 April 2017
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