W?rtsil? Infotainment System

With the Wärtsilä IPTV Entertainment system your crew will be able to relax after work, just as they do at home. By supplying your vessel with the latest in IPTV technology, your crew can watch Digital SAT-TV, listen to Digital Radio, watch all the latest movies and the best TV series. Additionally, there is a pre-loaded music library to really make your crew feel at home. The movie and TV series content is complete with covers, trailers, descriptions and subtitles.

Wärtsilä licensing in compliance with the latest MLC-2006 regulations. Wärtsilä Infotainment systems give you full control over your system. Packages can be assembled to suit your budget, and your own entertainment tastes.

    What Is IPTV

    Local IP networks enable all the features of two-way television to be accessed. Network technologies are widely spread at the moment. They are used for Internet connection, IP telephony and also IP television. IPTV technology allows television content to be broadcast into IP networks with HD video and multi-channel audio. The requirements for achieving this are an IP network with multicast broadcasting support, a head-end that receives external digital TV signals and manages all the IPTV systems, and set-top boxes for subscribers’ TV’s. The IP protocol enables two-way connections between head-end and settop boxes to be organized. Thanks to all these functions, users can enjoy interactive TV and other media features not available to conventional television subscribers.

    Feature Overview
    • Satellite, terrestrial and cable TV channels
    • Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
    • Video on Demand (VOD)
    • Near Video on Demand (nVOD)
    • TV on Demand (TVOD)
    • Time-Shifted TV
    • (Network) Personal Video Recorder
    • Licensed Video on Demand content
    • Music on Demand
    • Internet radio
    • User Management System
    • Conditional Access System
    • Remote support
    • (CAS\DRM) content protection
    • Safety Movies
    • Vessel information
    • Various interactive features from IP set-top boxes (bill view, web browsing, etc.)
    • Content source and management (DVB to IP gateways, MPEG\HDMI encoders, VOD/ nVOD servers)
    • Interactive user interface for IP setup boxes (IPTV Middleware)
    • Interface to external video sources such as CCTV systems
    • Interface to a hotel Property Management System (PMS)
    • Bring your own device (BYOD) for IOS and Android
    ElectronicsAdditional Interactive Features
    • Video on Demand (VOD) delivers video content on an individual basis to a subscriber. This service allows its users to order any movie for watching from the VOD server’s media library. The subscriber can use the pause and rewind features.
    • Like VOD, Near Video on Demand (nVOD)is a pay-per-view video service but is intended for multiple users subscribed to nVOD service. The schedule of content broadcasting is compiled beforehand. Subscribers can check the schedule and plan their viewing accordingly.
    • Time Shifted TV adds interactive features to TV channels being viewed. The subscriber can pause the playback at any time and resume it later. There is also a rewind option for TV programs.
    • TV on Demand (TVOD) allows TV programs to be recorded and viewed later whenever convenient.
    • Interactive features: users are able to control the playback of movies and/or TV series. Also, users have the abbility to store shows for later watching.
    Installation editons of IPTV solutions

    Wärtsilä has developed several editons of its easy to install IPTV solutions which are all based on the same compact 1HU headend unit. This allows customers to choose the version best suited their needs.

    SAM IPTV  Versions
    Features Gateway Combine Lite Combine VOD Combine Hotel
    TV & Radio
    GUI (basic)
    PA\GA Interface
    Time and Date
    Internet Radio Channels
    Integrated VOD
    Dedicated VOD Server *
    Language option
    Welcome page
    Wake up call
    Digital Signage *
    Personal video recording *
    TV channel overview / preview *
    TVOD / Time Shifted TV server *
    Subtitle support
    Information page

    Additional Services
    Licensed Movies
    New releases
    Classic movies
    TV Shows and series
    Licensed Music
    Custom music playlist
    Music on demand ( seperate license)
    TV Subscriptions
    Subscription Smartcards and CAM modules
    Additional Hardware
    Video equipment
    Audio equipment


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