Pelagic Vessels

Pelagic Freezer Trawler

VS 6212 Freezer Trawler, lenght over all 114.95 m

Freezer Trawler / Purse Seiner, Atlantic Dawn

Pelagic Purse Seiner/Trawler 80-100 meters

VS 6110 Pelagic Trawler

Ocean Star Length over all 86,5m

Pelagic Purse Seiner/Trawler 70-80 meters

VS 6110 Purse Seiner / Trawler, ?sterbris

VS 6110 Purse Seiner / Trawler, lenght over all 74.20 m

VS 6112 Midwater Trawler

Voyager Length over all 75,40m

Pelagic Purse Seiner/Trawler 50-70 meters

VS 6108 Purse Seiner/Trawler

Harvest Length over all 67m

VS 6118 Purse Seiner / Trawler, lenght overall 61.52 m

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