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In addition to direct employment, we also employ thousands of people indirectly in subcontracting at our factories and units. In order to be able to recruit competent and motivated people, we endeavour to offer employees competitive salaries, opportunities for continuous personal development and a good working environment. Developing employee skills and competences is of critical importance both for our business performance and for the development of the employees.

Pension Cover

The pension cover is based on the legislation and agreements in force in each country. In Finland, most of the pension obligations are covered by the Employee Pensions system (TyEL). The largest defined benefit plans are used in Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain and Sweden. Most of these defined benefit pension plans are managed by pension funds, and their assets are not included in the Group's assets. Wärtsilä's subsidiaries make their payments to pension funds in accordance with the local legislation and practices in each country. Authorised actuaries in each country have performed the actuarial calculations required for the defined benefit plans.

Wage levels

Wärtsilä applies and follows local employment legislation in all countries, and respects local collective labour agreements, which often define the minimum wage levels. In addition, entry level salaries are benchmarked against the market references by function and educational qualification. While laws and regulations determine the minimum level, the actual salaries often exceed these levels. A total compensation package for employees in each country is in line with the corporate rewarding guidelines, local market practices, and labour agreements. The base salary is set to meet market conditions, the demands of the job, and individual competence and performance. In 2019 the ratio of average female salaries / male salaries on non-management level positions was 1,02.

Hiring principles

Wärtsilä always publishes all open vacancies internally, thus ensuring an equal opportunity to apply for Wärtsilä positions. If there is no specific reason, such as a competence transfer need from other countries, to hire expatriates to the position, local residents are hired. This principle also applies to senior management positions. Senior management consists of global business and corporate management and local company management positions. Globally, 90% of Wärtsilä's senior management is locally hired, in other words from the same country as the Wärtsilä subsidiary they work for.

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