Improving efficiency

Energy efficiency has always been a priority for Wärtsilä, and remarkable gains in the efficiency of our products and solutions have been achieved over the years.

Fleet Operations Solution
Fleet efficiency
Wärtsilä Fleet Operations Solution (FOS) is designed to achieve the highest level of safety at sea, increase fleet efficiency and simplify everyday tasks both ashore and on board. FOS unites all navigational processes and voyage data on a single platform, making the crew and the operations centre work as one. FOS offers improved operational processes relating to fleet performance, voyage planning and execution, weather routing, and ship-to-shore reporting in compliance with environmental regulations such as EU-MRV and IMO-DCS.

Total vessel and voyage efficiency
An efficient and low emission system for the entire vessel is achieved by combining optimised ship design with Wärtsilä's knowledge of automation, machinery, propulsion, and control systems. Wärtsilä has developed numerous efficiency concepts, such as the Electric Propulsion Systems Low Loss Concept (LLC) and Low Loss Hybrid (LLH). Wärtsilä also offers vessel and voyage efficiency optimisation services that improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions and costs, and help make the best possible decisions for asset management and voyage performance.


Propulsion efficiency upgrades
Propulsion products incorporate environmental features and are critical to the overall environmental impact of the vessel. Wärtsilä’s generation propulsion units and energy saving solutions, such as the Wärtsilä EnergoFlow, result in significant fuel efficiency improvements by up to 10% and reduce NOx and CO2 emissions.

W?rtsil? Flexicycle upgrade
Power plant efficiency
Wärtsilä engine-based power plants offer the highest single cycle efficiencies of current technologies, 50% or more, with outstanding flexibility using a broad range of fuels. Total plant efficiency can further be improved and optimised by adding hybrid solutions, FlexicycleTM solutions (steam combined cycles), combined heat and power (CHP), trigeneration (power, heat and cooling), and also through Wärtsilä lifecycle solutions, which ensure that the power plant operates in the most energy-efficient way and in accordance with regulations. Wärtsilä also offers tools for the smart integration of energy production and storage at the system level.

Engine efficiency improvements
A long-term focus on improving engine efficiency has resulted in Wärtsilä engines having the highest efficiency ratings among existing prime movers. A key success factor has been the development of integrated engine functionalities that enable low emissions and high engine efficiency.

The efficiency of Wärtsilä diesel and gas engines ranges between 42-50%, depending on the engine type. The Wärtsilä 31 engine has the best 4-stroke engine fuel economy in the world. The Wärtsilä 31SG is the newest gas engine we offer, taking efficiency to a new level for internal combustion engines. The defining feature of the Wärtsilä 31SG is its ability to achieve simple-cycle efficiency levels in excess of 50%, which enables reduced emissions and offers the potential for considerable cost savings to power producers. Another benefit is the provision of increased flexibility, which enables a rapid response to continuously changing load patterns, especially in systems with a notable share of solar and wind energy. 

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